ALBUM REVIEW: “Woods / Amps For Christ” by Woods / Amps For Christ

May 01. 2012 | By Tania

Woods / Amps for Christ
Woods / Amps for Christ

The Woods / Amps for Christ album is erratic. There is no other term for this strangely put together work of lo-fi indie. However, that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing.

Start the album off with the fifth track “Sleep.” The track is super quiet and the vocals sound a bit like Modest Mouse. The vibe of the track is like a Phish B-side. If you’re a fan of Woods’ normally eclectic, experimental sound….this isn’t the track for you. However, “When” is perfect for more experimental fans. The song is a bit on the low end, but you’ll find yourself pulling out unique parts here and there. “Brothers” is another standout on the album. You’ll find yourself comparing it to Bon Iver and Radiohead all at once. When the vocals kick in, they’re falsetto and almost sickeningly sweet. The album moves along in this uncomfortable way. You have to really enjoy and “get” music to dig this album. However, there’s a reward at the end if you do.

Be sure to check out this album if you want something different. If you’re looking for something new and special, don’t look any further than this.

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