ALBUM REVIEW: “Who Needs Who” by Dark Dark Dark

October 02. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

Dark Dark Dark
Who Needs Who
[Supply and Demand]

For those of you who thought the folk-rock genre had climaxed with bands like The Decemberists and Arcade Fire, we’ve got a fairly new contender in the field – Dark Dark Dark.

The Minneapolis-based band meld their interests in jazz, folk, and even a little country into their third full-length release, Who Needs Who. To keep it interesting, add Nona Marie Invie’s tension-filled lyrics and dusky vocals and you’ve got an album that you’ll play over and over on your most self-reflective days. The interpersonal conflicts of the band could be responsible for the beautiful single “Tell Me” — “Try to be good, but I get tired running around…I want to live in a time when you cherished me…” and in the country-tinged “Patsy Cline.” “Meet In The Dark” reflects the emotions of getting over that rollercoaster relationship and putting on a brave face: “Oh, you can’t find me now / Because I am humming so low you can’t hear.” Who Needs Who is a fitting soundtrack for the tumultuous couple next door, or your own inner conflict about that one person you just can’t wrap your head – and arms – around.

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