ALBUM REVIEW: “We Could Be Arsonists” by Loquat

April 24. 2012 | By Tania

We Could Be Arsonists
[Nacional Records]

Loquat‘s third full-length album We Could Be Arsonists is a gorgeous audio assault on the ears that you’ve got to hear to believe.

The album starts off with the track “Time Bending” that sounds like a Seedy Seeds┬áB-side. The song lyrically talks about the vastness of the universe all while these sweet vocals echo over electronic synth lines. “Seeds” starts off like a simpler indie-pop track with an acoustic guitar, but when the lyrics kick in, the track is a bit of a dance-along that you cannot miss. “Rumbling” is a similar track feeling a bit like an energetic Cranberries song. Every song on this album will make you move around and wonder, “when was the last time an album made you think all while making gorgeous sounds?”

If you’re a fan of female vocals, a little bit of an electronic feeling, and a fun time, be sure to pick up We Could Be Arsonists.

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