ALBUM REVIEW: “Two Matchsticks” by The Wooden Birds

June 02. 2011 | By Tania
The Wooden Birds
Two Matchsticks

[Barsuk Records]

For fans of Cary Brothers, Joshua Radin or just singer-songwriters in general, The Wooden Birds will easily become a new favorite to spin.
On the band’s third album Two Matchsticks, melody and emotion come to the forefront on every song. “Be No Lie” is quiet and romantic. The singer asks that there be no lie over optimistic melodies. You can’t turn away from the track. It forces you to listen to it – much like the rest of this album. In “Secrets,” the singer proclaims “it’s late and I can’t stay/the secrets of the heart.” The chorus brings a bit of singalong, but the melodies still stay at the forefront.
When you have a band with members whose lineage includes Matt Pond, PA and American Analog Set, it might be a challenge to keep the melodies as central as The Wooden Birds do, but alas, they make it sounds easy. “Struck by Lightening” is another standout track as the lyrics themselves draw the listener into the story. Singer Andrew Kenny tells the story of a woman who cheats and steals and yet, you can’t help but wonder what happens next. The stories painted in the lyrics are perhaps the best part of this winning album.
The Wooden Birds Two Matchsticks is an album you need to have. Go out and purchase it however you feel. But be sure you do. Otherwise, I’m not sure how you’ll be able to live with yourself.
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