ALBUM REVIEW: “Twister” by Country Mice

June 07. 2011 | By Tania

Country Mice
[Wao Wao Records]

Country Mice‘s album Twister is melodic, hypnotic, and the type of tracks you can’t turn off.

“Close Behind” is entrancing. Sounding one part like a Nirvana track and another part a more serene Incubus song, the track is slow and unnerving. Simple guitars, well placed drum beats, and a few cymbal crashes frame the song well. “Worn Hearts” begins with strong lyrics. Fans of pop punk ballads might turn their ears as soon as they hear it. However, the track moves into a sweeter alt-rock love song. “Rabbit on a Leash” is a straight-up New York rock song. This is the type of song you hear blasting out of your local dive bar, but stop in because it’s that good. This isn’t background music by any means. My only complaint regarding this album is that it can be difficult to discern between different songs as they all have the same vibe. There’s also nothing that really powerful stands out to make the album unique.

Overall, this album is stellar and well-worth the purchase, but don’t be too surprised if you can’t pick a favorite track.

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