ALBUM REVIEW: “Twins” by Ty Segall

October 09. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

Ty Segall
[Drag City]

Whoever said “less is more” obviously hadn’t realized that Ty Segall, garage rock wizard, would release a singles compilation and three full albums in 2012. First we had his gorgeous collaboration with White Fence; then, the face-melting scorcher of an album with The Ty Segall Band. His final installment for the year (or is it?) is Twins, an album that bears only his name and all of his sonic fury.

Twins is an excellent balance of the aforementioned albums with White Fence, which was a lovely homage to the ’60s garage rock jams and The Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse, a fast and furious feedback fest. We begin with the slow burn of “Thank God For Sinners” and are treated to Segall’s effortless psychedelic style throughout Twins. The single “The Hill” starts innocently enough with a beautiful female vocal then a barrage of guitar and harmony reminiscent of The Pretty Things. Overall, Segall turns in a solid album that is both commanding and accessible to new and veteran fans of the fuzz rock genre.

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