ALBUM REVIEW: “The Whether” EP by Ducky

February 17. 2012 | By Christine Cook

The Whether EP

Are you a dance club attendee with an introspective side? Do you like to throw back a few shots of tequila and rock out, but still revel in angst and nostalgia? Are you a fan of both the rawness of dubstep and airiness of girly dream-pop? If so, look no further than The Whether EP, the latest from New York’s Morgan Neiman, aka Ducky. This EP binds together dance enticing qualities of party music with the deeper side of indie rock. Neiman’s ethereal voice backed succinctly by pulverizing beats causes a hollow, ghostly effect.

At first, the tracks come across as simply sway side to side, shake your ass, and throw your hair around music. But after closer listening, lyrics reveal loss, abandonment, and the remembrance of past lovers and friends. The EP’s first single, “Like Rain” is hauntingly beautiful, with a discreet baseline that moves in and out, creating a wave-like rhythm. Neiman has coined her signature style as “coke binge space pop” on Ducky‘s Twitter. This sound certainly needs its own genre, and after listening to the EP, I think this off-beat one liner sums it up quite accurately.

Check out the video for “Like Rain”:

Ducky – Like Rain from Bicephaly Pictures on Vimeo.

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