ALBUM REVIEW: “The Quickening” by Remember Remember

October 06. 2011 | By Matt De Mello

Remember Remember
The Quickening
[Rock Action Records]

If Remember Remember is trying to be Mike Oldfield or soundtrack wizard Trent Reznor, they’ve failed miserably. Their new album The Quickening is a series of repetitive sounds culled together in record form to vomit on the tenets that made bands like Explosions in the Sky so successful. It’s boring, mundane, and exceedingly drab. I found myself looking for the nearest light socket while dipping my hand in a bucket of water to find anything remotely exciting to do while listening to it. Even now, as I struggle to come up with enough adjectives to explain my utter contempt for this record, I want to throw my computer out the window in case it was infected by the tepid sounds of a band phoning it in. I’ve hated many things in my life and I certainly don’t subscribe to the thought that disliking is better than hatred, but this album takes the cake. How fucking boring can one band be? I will now spend the rest of my day trying to Forget Forget.

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