ALBUM REVIEW: “The Only Way To Kill You” by Greylag

May 01. 2012 | By Samantha Gamino

The Only Way To Kill You EP
[Ninth Street Opus]

The fine town of Portland, Oregon boasts a lot more than just the dream of the ’90s nowadays. It was in this town where everything fell into place for the collaboration between musicians Andrew Stonestreet and Daniel Dixon. The Only Way to Kill You, the debut EP from the duo known as Greylag, is an album twinged with upbeat folksy and bluesy vibes with its sole use of acoustic guitars, light percussion, and smooth as butter harmonies.

Greylag’s minimal use of instruments helps keep the EP clean, light, and just a tad bit raw. The vocals and guitars meld into each other so well on “Into The Woods” and “Black Crow” that the meaning of the lyrics can often get left behind. But don’t let those happy song tempos fool you. Once you take the time to really absorb the message behind the lyrics, you’ll notice that Greylag is open, honest, and has a streak that can run dark at some times. This type of openness is what makes this album so relatable and so great. Stonestreet’s airy wailing on the EP’s more mellow tracks more specifically “Speaking Voice” add a softness to the album and gives this EP its soul.

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