“The Hum” by Hookworms

November 10. 2014 | By Wayne Jessup


The Hum
[Weird World/Domino]

Wasting precious little time, Leeds, UK’s monsters of the noise groove Hookworms are loosing The Hum upon the world. While The Velvet Underground and Nico is revered as the album that launched a thousand indie bands, Hookworms take their cues more from the “Sister Ray” side of the Velvet’s situation, which takes the basic Bo Diddley beat to hell and back. No matter how far out it goes, eventually it loops back in on itself, returning to a semblance of a safe harbor.

These days, music is so sub-divided and niched into stagnation that it’s always a thrill to stumble on something that provides a glimpse into the kinetic thrill that got one loving music in the first place. Following up last years Pearl Mystic, Hookworms sets the controls once again for the heart of darkness, with “On Leaving” and “vi” being the prime examples. But truly, it’s a matter of picking your poison (via joissaint). As compelling as it can be on vinyl, one can only imagine the hell that this band raises live.

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