ALBUM REVIEW: “TALK” by What Laura Says

May 23. 2011 | By Hillary Smith

What Laura Says
[Sundawg Records]

Four songs in length it may be, but TALK, the latest EP from What Laura Says offers plenty of chances to head-bob, sway, and foot-tap like there’s no tomorrow. This quintet from the Phoenix, AZ area produced an album with an assortment of soft bass lines and percussion, complemented with smooth vocals. Danny Goldbold (keys, guitar, vocals), James Mulhern (guitar, percussion, vocals), Greg Muller (drums), Mitch Freedom (bass, vocals), and Jacob Woolsey (percussion) have a sound that is great for kicking your feet up and just lounging. Whether I was bobbing along to the beat or lying on the couch, I found myself relaxed and wanting to sing the lyrics I didn’t even know. The four tracks are decidedly lazy and mellow. The sluggish rate of the vocals with sporadic bouts of harmonica in track three, “Sun Is (Out),” create an old-school sound. The smooth vocals and deliberate thumping of the kick drums bear a resemblance to the sound of The Black Keys. This baby sized album delivers a strong kick of chill moods and mellow riffs that beg you to unwind.


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