ALBUM REVIEW: “Summer Bodies” by Dana Buoy

May 04. 2012 | By Sarah Braverman

Dana Buoy
Summer Bodies
[Lefse Records]

What do you get when you add elements of Afro beats to synth pop, multiply by a year of songwriting and traveling, and divide by a percussionist? The solution is Summer Bodies. The math is quite complex, but definitely worth the trouble to solve.

Dana Buoy is a side project for percussionist Dana Janssen of Akron/Family. Though Summer Bodies has an ethereal feeling similar to Akron/Family’s “Cast A Net,” it is distinct in its summertime vibe. From album opener “Anatomy of Now” through the concluding song, thoughts of warm lazy days and summer love linger in the forefront of
our minds.

Janssen’s experimental musical style transcribes the tropic paradise he witnessed while traveling in Thailand. “We On The Sea,” makes us feel like we’re gently rocking back and forth in a boat on the great blue ocean watching the sun slowly set; this feeling brings closure to the album. Dana Buoy successfully maintains this summertime theme throughout with his self-proclaimed Tropicore genre.

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