ALBUM REVIEW: "Strange Weekend" by Porcelain Raft

January 19. 2012 | By Carnie

Porcelain Raft
Strange Weekend
[Secretly Canadian]

Strange Weekend, Porcelain Raft’s long awaited full-length debut, will take you to some lonely places, friends. Imagine cool, deep pockets of bass that sound like the solar system collapsing in on itself. Maybe because it’s that stagnant, dead of winter feeling right now, but Strange Weekend should come with a parental advisory sticker.

There are some extraordinary tracks that stand out. “Shapeless & Gone” is beautifully constructed and offers some tragic melodies while “Drifting In And Out” is the perfect blend of electronics and live composition forming a psychedelic-pop masterpiece.

But, and there is definitely a but, I can’t find that connection or that all-important crux of the album. Also, Strange Weekend’s mix is much glossier and well-known than the EP (Gone Blind) that garnered the initial buzz in the first place. There was something lost in the assembling of this album over the past year which leaves me neither satisfied, nor thirsty for more.

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