“Sound Kapital” by Handsome Furs

June 28. 2011 | By Valerie Veteto

Handsome Furs
Sound Kapital
[Sub Pop Records]

I tried guys. I really, really did. For the past three or four days I’ve been listening to this album on my down-time, waiting for that moment when you start bobbing your head to the music and syncing your life experiences up with the lyrics the song is throwing at you. While it has the basic components for a summer dance hit (released under Sub Pop, catchy bass lines, synth galore, oh and they’re hipster hotties), it just didn’t wow me.

Handsome Furs newest release, Sound Kapital, is the work of married duo Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry. They’ve added more keyboard this time and keep the pace going with drum machines. “Cheap Music” is their edgiest song, veering away from the Hellogoodbye-esque sound and into wilder, devil-be-damned territory.

Maybe my ears are clogged. Maybe indie over-load has turned me into a fickle listener. Listen yourself and be the judge.

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