ALBUM REVIEW: “Salt On Sea Glass” by If By Yes

March 16. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

If By Yes
Salt On Sea Glass
[Chimera Music]


I love that car commercial where all of the flowers it passes come to life in every color while this beautiful voice is telling you “There’s a reason…” That beautiful voice belongs to Petra Haden. Haden is the same beautiful voice that leads If By Yes, and they will be gracing the masses with their debut album Salt on Sea Glass on March 22.

Salt on Sea Glass has an innovative, no… futuristic vibe to it. Haden’s voice has a perfect tone that leads the sultry instrumentation on all 12 tracks. But to really indulge in Haden’s voice, I suggest the 4th track, “Imagino.” It includes the album title in the line “Salt on sea glass, shined emeralds of the past,” and the very dreamy chorus, “Imagino the waterfall, breaking down the walls, we’re lost in emotion.”  Salt On Sea Glass has a pop flavor with inventive keyboards that makes this band at least unconventional if not pioneering in their art form.


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