ALBUM REVIEW: “Prisoner” by The Jezabels

March 30. 2012 | By Rebecca McCann

The Jezabels
[Mom & Pop Music]

After 3 impressive EPs, The Jezabels have finally released a long-player, and it does not disappoint. Showcasing their trademark epic sound, Prisoner, is a stellar debut.

The opening title track is one of the darker on the LP, brooding and slowly building into a heavily-drummed belter. “Endless Summer” lightens the mood, with its catchy guitar riffs and pop sensibilities. “Long Highway” starts slow and swells to epic, pounding proportions.

Hayley Mary’s vocals add a rare drama to The Jezabels’ sound. They are brave, akin to the likes of Kate Bush, and soar out of smoky and sultry depths into electrifying heights that leave you with goosegumps.

Prisoner would be the perfect soundtrack to a road trip, as a backdrop to wide open spaces and endless road. The Jezabels’ sound could be described as a hybrid of moody-glam-alt-rock, which stands apart from anything being heard right now. There is even something retro in their sound, harking back to ’80s synth-pop.

Bonus tracks “Easy to Love” and “Hurt Me,” off The Man Is Dead EP, are highlights and fine examples of The Jezabels’ songwriting prowess and tight instrumentation. With their infectious sound and enigmatic front woman, The Jezabels have a long road ahead.

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