ALBUM REVIEW: “Pale Fire” by El Perro del Mar

November 12. 2012 | By Jamie Lynn

El Perro del Mar
Pale Fire
[The Control Group]

El Perro del Mar is Sarah Assbring, one of the best things Sweden has given us since akvavit and Smorgasbord. Pale Fire is her fifth album, so we’re not surprised that she can balance the dark with the rainbows so skillfully. Sarah describes Pale Fire far more poetical than we: “…you think you have no reason to believe in love or in anything. [When] you least expect it, a light appears on the far horizon. It’s a flickering light, begging you to come, telling you to stay away. It’s the pale fire. The promise of love and hope — all consuming and elusive. Yet for a moment, it brings clarity in the darkness, future to the ruins and power to the fight.” See? Deep thoughts turn towards future hope amongst the synth.

The first single, “Walk on By” is the we are strong, we are women anthem of the year. Opening verse: “Solitude’s my best friend, the one who sees me cry/Tells me I will never need another man to keep my head up and walk on by.” There are plenty of ’90s odes throughout, but Pale Fire sounds fresh and vibrant. We shall not “grow tired of this pale, pale fire” anytime soon.

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