"One" by Tying Tiffany

March 12. 2013 | By Jon Allmond


Tying Tiffany
[Zer0Killed Music]

With so much music constantly dropping and being created, it’s incredibly easy to overlook or never hear about a lot of artists, but then again, that’s why publications like ours exist. Italy’s Tying Tiffany has been making music that teeters between opaque moodiness and brightly saturated electronic textures ever since the mid ’00s and now she’s back again, sounding more hypnotizing than ever, with her latest EP, One.

Though the release

is only four tracks long, it still remains to make a remarkable impression, giving long-time fans something to look forward to and newcomers a reason to put Tying Tiffany on their radar. While One keeps the same upbeat and somber tone throughout its duration, each track does well both on its own and together as a whole. The EP gradually consumes listeners whole right from the beginning and with its industrial-like ambiance and overall bleak yet effervescent tone; the opening track, “One End” does an amazing job of starting things off well. One never seems to fall short and if anything, it’s worth coming back to every so often, so if you’re searching for a dark yet upbeat release that’ll keep your attention, then there’s no need to look any further.

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