“Once I Was An Eagle” by Laura Marling

May 28. 2013 | By Jamie Lynn


Laura Marling
Once I Was An Eagle
[Ribbon Music]

Once I Was an Eagle is British darling Laura Marling‘s fourth album and she comes out blasting. Which is saying something for a band that focuses on just three instruments: Laura’s acoustic guitar, Ethan John‘s drums, and Ruth de Turberville‘s cello. These three instruments can be soft and haunting as on “Once.” That staccato delivery in the first single off the album, “Master Hunter,” will call comparisons to Bob Dylan; but Laura has a clearly defined voice, rising above the drums. In “Devil’s Resting Place” a percussion heavy, sly taunt of a song; Laura crooning above the drums “But it won’t be you/ you only have yourself to please.”

Laura recorded her guitar parts and vocals for this album in an astonishing 10 days. She then went in added the other instruments, layering them in like such well placed jewels. Perhaps that is why every song sounds like she is singing just to you, those strange and fitful cadences charming and engaging us, demanding just one more listen.

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