“Nobody Dances In This Town” by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

January 22. 2013 | By Sarah Braverman

Nobody Dances In This Town

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Nobody Dances In This Town
[Park The Van]

Singin’ siblings Rachel and Rob Kolar are the roots of this five-piece rockin’ folky blues band. They were recently signed to Park The Van Records (Dr. Dog’s home base), and Nobody Dances In This Town is their debut album.

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister is an oasis in the desert; Rachel’s voice nourishes our souls, the band’s collective vaudeville style brightens our spirits, and Lauren Brown’s tap dancing percussion kick starts our hearts. Add an upright bass, electric guitar with a lap slide, and additional percussion, and you’ve got yourself an act that’s destined for greatness.

We get down and dirty straight away with the opening track, “Tales That I Tell.” (Note to self: don’t mess with the Kolar kids. While the tales are fun to listen to, we don’t want one written about us!) The elegant raunchiness continues the anthem “Let It Live Free.” “Slow It Down” is a reminder for us to take our time and to do it right. After all, the tortoise won that race. “Clackin’ Heels” is a standout tap track that features Brown throughout. (Additional note to self: Beware of crazy women with feline instincts. We like our meat on our bones, thanks.)

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