“Night Visions” by Imagine Dragons

September 04. 2012 | By Jamie Lynn

Imagine Dragons
Night Visions

Imagine Dragons are everywhere. “It’s Time” has been in movie trailers, will be covered on Glee, and as it charted on Billboard, has had almost constant radio play. This is a shame because it’s a great song-catchy chorus, just enough introspection to show deep thought, and a fantastic intro. It’s also, along with 3 other songs from the EP Continued Silence, on the debut album Night Visions. Not sure how debut this is since 33% of this album is already owned by a goodly percentage of the population, us included. “Radioactive” showcases the band’s ability to merge different genres, as does “On Top of the World.” “Underdog” is an electro-reggae uptempo song guaranteed to make you sing and dance. The remainder of the album is a radio ready mix of homogeneous pop that flows so smoothly, you aren’t sure they’re different songs.

Las Vegas’ own Dan Reynolds, D Wayne Sermon, Ben McKee, and Daniel Platzman are very coy about what their band name means. Reynolds says, “And our name is an anagram of that phrase [we agreed on]. It’s the only thing we like to keep to ourselves.” Ok boys, that’s certainly going to introduce anagrams to a whole new generation, which we say is fantastic. Keep the phrase to yourselves and keep on experimenting with the music. Hopefully the next batch will have a whole album of memorable songs we know you are capable of.

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