ALBUM REVIEW: “Mazes” by Moon Duo

April 12. 2011 | By Carnie

Moon Duo
[Sacred Bones 2011]

When you’re a band like Moon Duo, seedy and unkempt are actually compliments. Swirling keyboards and sludgy psychedelic guitar overtures duel and clasp for the right combination on their latest, Mazes. But unlike their previous efforts which highlighted the duo’s sprawling, lo-fi prog assault, they’re leaning on more concise and melodic tracks like “Scars” or “Run Around.” And in their new approach, Sanae Yamada’s electronic keyboards curl up around Ripley Johnson’s (also of Wooden Shjips) atomized psychedelic guitar meanderings with even more grit and flavor.

Yet, Moon Duo’s timing is still loose and wandering, they’ve just narrowed their field of vision with stunning, adrenaline-inducing accuracy. Their recent move from San Francisco to Colorado might leave some area fans wondering who will fill their role, but maybe a Rocky Mountain High is just what they needed at this point in their creative process?

Free MP3 “Mazes”

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