ALBUM REVIEW: “Journey Through The Shadows” by The Parlotones

May 08. 2012 | By Katie

The Parlotones
Journey Through The Shadows
[Sovereign Entertainment]

The Parlotones sound big. They sound like a band that’s meant for arenas, meant for rockstar-level grandeur—and in their native South Africa, they’re exactly that. Though they don’t (yet) have a massive stateside following, new album Journey Through The Shadows makes a strong effort to change that fact. As this latest effort proves, the Johannesburg quartet is more than ready for
its US moment.

Perhaps fittingly, then, Journey borrows from American rock traditions: the slide guitar on “Suitcase For A Home,” the expansiveness of “Down By the Lake,” the groove of “Soul and Body” verses. These influences are thrown in with the band’s signature sounds to excellent effect; the album is just as soaring, just as epic as their previous works. Frontman Kahn Morbee anchors each track—
his textured voice runs the gamut from compelling falsetto (“Sing You To Sleep,” “Sweet As a Stolen Kiss”) to powerful croon (“Brave and Wild,” “Goodbyes”). His rockstar chops are undeniable, and they
add a crucial layer to the band’s already incredible dynamism.

Journey Through The Shadows will sweep you up; it’s hard not to dance, tap your feet, or just find some way to move to its twelve tracks. The album is not quite alternative rock, not quite Brit pop, but something unique to this powerhouse group from Johannesburg—and it’s high time that magic mix moves stateside. There’s always a place for excellent arena rock, and The Parlotones are a
perfect fit.

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