ALBUM REVIEW: “In My Mind I Am Free” by Blue Foundation

May 17. 2012 | By Jon Allmond

Blue Foundation
In My Mind I Am Free
[Dead People’s Choice]

There are some albums that you can tell are going to take you on an adventure as soon as the play button is hit. One of the best things about hearing a new album is that everything is completely new during that moment. Excitement grows with every track and then before you know it, it’s reached that last song. It’s like waking up from a wonderful dream and entering back into the real world.

Such is the case with Brooklyn duo Blue Foundation and their fifth LP In My Mind I Am Free. Known for blending various styles such as electronic, shoegaze, and dream pop, this album showcases the best elements of all three. Each song has something different to offer. The intro “Just A Hand” does a perfect job of setting the mood with its hazy effects and soft, smooth vocals. “Ground Control” has more of an industrial, electronic feel and seems like a mix between M83, NIN, and an old Sega game.

Ready to lose yourself and drift away? Then this album has just what you need to do so. Open your minds and close your eyes.

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