August 28. 2012 | By Kat Engh

In Limbo
[Carpark Records]

Word to the wise, don’t bother searching for music from the band TEEN without also including the name of their label, Carpark Records, unless you want to feel like an old creep. This band may not be easy to find immediately in a search engine, but their first LP, In Limbo, is worth the hunt when it drops August 28th. Hailing from New York, this all-woman crew serves up an album of melty trance-meets-shoegaze perfect for getting lost in an annual midnight freak show in the desert.

If the dust storms of the playa have kept you away from Burning Man this week, light a candle and put on songs like “Electric,” and have yourself your own dust-free psychedelic experience. And we’ve never tried, but we’re willing to bet you’ll have dreams like scenes from some grown-up version of Fantasia if you fall asleep to songs like TEEN’s “Sleep in Noise.”

To experience the synth-loaded ambient rockers in person among your music-loving peers, catch TEEN on their month-long national tour this fall with Hospitality, starting September 29th in Chicago.

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