ALBUM REVIEW: “In Heaven” by Twin Sister

September 27. 2011 | By Alberto Santillan

Twin Sister
In Heaven

Twin Sister caught a lot of ears with the dreamy reveries of their two EPs. From their myriad influences–the spangled hooks of soft rock, the drive and bombast of late ’70s disco, the twee and electronics of ’80s New Wave–they possess a knack for genre synthesis that makes them stand out from the others. Luckily, their debut should (and will) gain them a new cadre of fans on the merits of their approach. Frontwoman Andrea Estella possesses a soft, syrupy evocative voice that suits perfectly the musical hopscotch all over these songs. Those elements work in tandem to terrific effect; “Daniel” is a terrific opener, and the perfect calling card to the post-disco sugar all over their M.O. The Twin Sister sound is one that’s hooky but never grating, melodic and sweet but rarely saccharine.

In fact, “Spain” doesn’t sound unlike a James Bond theme or a Broadcast tune (which may perfectly exemplify their pop-omnivore appeal). Expect this record to be on the iTunes playlists and mixtapes of everyone you know. Twin Sister have got what it takes.

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