ALBUM REVIEW: “House Music” by Ex Norwegian

October 16. 2012 | By Jason Martinez

Ex Norwegian
House Music
[Dying Van Gogh Records]

An album called House Music by the band Ex Norwegian may look like a chilly prospect, but it’s actually a fun collection of power pop gems. Nine of the ten tracks come in under three minutes, and great songs like these can grab hold of you that quickly.

“Ginger, Baby” opens like a love song, but its lyrics add an air of mystery. “Not A Mouse” name checks electronic artists, but its swirling organ and full-throttle drums make it a decidedly rockin’ highlight. “Initiative Rock” is a catchy-as-hell ode to being self-motivated in life and love, and the glam accent that leader Roger Houdaille adopts on “Spin Win It” will have you throwing on your glitteriest bell-bottoms. Closer “Tong As In Pete” has the album’s grimiest guitar riff, and its chanted vocals and five-minute length really let the song breathe, showing another side of what these guys are capable of. Ex Norwegian have hooks for days on this, their third album, and their backbeats have enough muscle to earn the “power” in power pop. House Music is the sound of them firing on all cylinders and getting a lot of things right, making it one of the best pop rockers of the year.

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