“Herein Wild” by Frankie Rose

September 24. 2013 | By Ace Ubas

herein wild album cover

Frankie Rose
Herein Wild
[Slumberland Records]

For someone that’s been a member of The Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and Dum Dum Girls, it was inevitable that Brooklyn native Frankie Rose broke off and did her own thing. Last year’s Interstellar ended up on a lot of year-end lists and established Rose as legitimate songwriter. Her latest album Herein Wild enters amidst hype, excitement, and anticipation, and fortunately, she doesn’t disappoint.

Melancholic lyrics are embedded in “Sorrow” and “Cliffs As High,” but the emotions embedded resonate louder and louder because of the swift strings that regale them. In fact, her use of an actual string quartet makes it feel as if each song can transcend beyond the listening space.

The post-punk plodder of “Heaven” is the only similar song to Rose’s previous bands. Others have her wearing her influences on her sleeve: the reverb-ladened guitar chorus on “Question Reason” is eerily similar to The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven,” the overlapping guitar melodies and etherealness is reminiscent to Laetitia Sadier/Stereolab, while her cover of The Damned’s “Street of Dreams” has a contemporary arrangement.

Herein Wild is a successful follow-up to Interstellar, impressing with a penchant for songwriting and composition. It’s an elegantly emotional album that’s simple yet intricate.

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