ALBUM REVIEW: “Get What You Came For” by Vanity Theft

March 01. 2011 | By Trina Starke

Vanity Theft
Get What You Came For
[Vigilante Music/Adamant Records]

Move over Hayley Williams. Step aside Emily Haines. There’s another kid in town but unlike her predecessors the vocal powerhouse, Alicia Grodecki, is followed by three additional female musicians with tunes revved for radio play. Listed as a “Band to Watch in 2011” by The New York Post, Vanity Theft, an all-female pop-rock group out of Dayton, Ohio delivers their debut full-length Get What You Came For with a contagious and sassy punch.

Not all music needs to be cerebral, and in fact, nonsensical ass-shaking beats are sometimes the cure all for life’s craptastic blunders. Get What You Came For includes 10 tracks: 35 minutes of edgy-female confidence. Their first single “Anatomy” is a beat-heavy party-time track that exudes sexuality: “And besi-i-ides maybe I don’t want you for your mi-i-i-ind, can’t deci-i-i-ide.” “Rattle Rattle” is a warning to those male pedestal types: “don’t say you don’t trust no one but me”. The electro-ballad “Missing Teeth” is the only disappointment as it’s auto-tuned (stop the insanity!) which is unfortunate because not only is it tender but it also highlights the girls’ harmonies. (Post edit: Okay it’s growing on me).

Vanity Theft’s Get What You Came For has earned a spot in my summertime rotation when I can sing it on the top of my lungs while driving to the beach with the top down. Is it July yet? *sigh*

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