"For The Recently Found Innocent" by White Fence

July 23. 2014 | By Jay Raco

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White Fence
For The Recently Found Innocent
[Drag City]

Tim Presley, AKA White Fence has crafted a perfect album for summer with For The Recently Found Innocent. Presley has always been most at home with the warm sounds of the psychedelic “60s, and this album successfully masters everything from the Who to the Grateful Dead.

With production help from fellow Bay Area native, and sometime bandmate in Hair, Ty Segall, Presley takes us back in time, and manages to make it feel relevant and accessible.

Although FTRFI┬áis the fifth album under the White Fence moniker, this record is the first proper studio album in a few years, as Presley previously recorded the last two albums at home on a 4-track. Incredibly prolific and disciplined (Presley writes every day, which he describes as therapy), Presley”s process had become a bit reclusive, and Segall had wanted to record with him since Hair. Segall managed to coax Pressley to his studio, and the result is the most sonically open and layered album in Presley”s career. Guitars wind and curl away, only to resurface with more guitars. It”s really pretty and well put together.
Presley is less hermitic here, not only socializing with Segall and the mobile.ae.org recording musicians on the album, but he also appears to be engaging people in the world, and he”s not very comfortable about it. On lead single “Like That” he sings in an English accent, “Pay for things and not feel sickened, want to live like that. Police see us, but don”t see us, want to live like that.” The following track is the amazing “Sandra (When The Earth Dies).” It sounds like T. Rex fronted by Ringo Starr or Donovan. It”s got a fantastic acoustic strum and organ with the chorus, “Laugh and cry, oh laugh and cry. When the Earth dies we wished we”d die.” The apocalypse has never sounded more fun.

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