"Flightlessness" by The Cellar Door

May 28. 2013 | By Jamie Lynn


The Cellar Door
[Self Released]

Beautiful people, beautiful voices, beautiful melodies, rinse and repeat. One would think that would get too saccharine, much too fake to be real and enjoyed; they would be wrong. Seattle”s own Sam Hoshin, Honnah Weber, Gabe Much, Colin Much, Kristianna Anderson, and Tennyson Morin are the young beautiful people making noise around town (hello, played Bumbershoot) with these chamber pop orchestral maneuvers.

This EP, Flightlessness, follows up a two song single released last year, proving the sextet”s hard nbso online casino reviews work on polishing their cohesiveness and poignant delivery has proven worthy.

Showing off a spare piano with lush strings, “Clockwork Heart” is the first single to be released off the EP. “Silent Avenue” is the song where the glorious harmonies are intertwined with a skill we tend to expect from groups with a deeper oeuvre than a lone single. This would be the EP to put in for brief moments of introspective lyrics with soothing vocals.

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