ALBUM REVIEW: “Feel Me” by Evan Voytas

January 23. 2012 | By Lisa Gerarde

Evan Voytas
Feel Me EP
[Dovecote Records]

With his sexy falsetto croon a la Prince and sultry synth-heavy pop style, Evan Voytas transports you to the dance floor and you can’t help but driver’s seat-dance along on your way to the club. Voytas came out to LA after studying jazz music in his home state of Pennsylvania and a brief stay in the Southwest and New York, and honed his craft on tour with hip-hop experimental artists like Blu, Gonjasufi, and Flying Lotus. His music is definitely hip-hop influenced with a touch of acid jazz and R&B sensuality.

The single “Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are” is a slow-burning groove, transporting you to that warm summer night at the local dance club when you locked eyes with the hottie across the room. However, it’s the polished and catchy pop hooks of the title track “Feel Me” that will really catch your attention; you’ll feel the sonic groove portion of your soul “light up just like the sun”.

Those of you in the Los Angeles area should check out Evan’s record release show at Bardot on Monday, January 23rd (free with RSVP). I guarantee you’ll have some sexy booty-groovin’ good times.

Can’t Let Anybody Know Who You Are by Dovecote Records

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