ALBUM REVIEW: “Evans The Death” by Evans The Death

May 01. 2012 | By Vicki Dolenga

Evans the Death
Evans the Death
[Slumberland Records]

The debut, self-titled album from Evans the Death starts out sounding very folk-y and down-home, but you can’t go with just your first impression on this one. There’s a definite folk influence, but there’s also pop rock, all blended together with the dulcet tones of Katherine Whitaker to make a lovely mixture of musical fun.

The band is named after the undertaker who dreams of his childhood in Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood, and the theme of youth is heard throughout the album, starting with “A Small Child,” which points out just how mean children can be. “Bo Diddley” addresses having self-esteem issues, “Telling Lies” talks about how pretty lies can be, and “Threads” looks into how someone can really scare another – even if that’s not the intention. There’s a bit of lyrical whimsy in “I’m So Unclean” with the line, “When I’m watching the Shopping Channel, I will think of you.”

The lovely pop rock melodies and unusual vocals of Evans the Death combine for a wonderful auditory experience that anyone who is a fan of the Pixies or The Cranberries would enjoy.

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