ALBUM REVIEW: “DRRT” by Lost Lander

January 24. 2012 | By Christine Cook

Lost Lander
[Glad I Did Recordings]

I like listening to music that is cathartic. I like the kind of songs that make me remember; the kind of melodies that cause my feet to tap and my eyes to close. Lost Lander‘s debut album DRRT does just that, highlighting both the beauty and struggles of humanity not only through relatable lyrics but also through uniquely crafted melodies.

Each track seems human, with a soul and a heartbeat. Led by lead singer Matt Sheehy, these Portland natives manage to maintain an antiquity while incorporating a variety of sounds; whether it’s an electronic beat, the strum of a ukulele, jingling of a tambourine, or the strings of a violin. Their mix of indie rock, ethereal oohing, and folk guitar is seamless and feels like a natural combination. Sheehy transports listeners to a different time or place. In the haunting track “Through Your Bones” we are sent back to the days when people escaped their troubles by taking to the sea. In “Wonderful World” we are taken to the top of a snowy mountain. This album is perfect for driving, thinking, rainy days, and the times when you just want to listen to some really great music.

Check out the video for “Cold Feet”:

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