ALBUM REVIEW: “Dracula” by Nurses

September 12. 2011 | By Alberto Santillan

[Dead Oceans]

In the current sweepstakes for indie-pop gold sounds, Portland’s Nurses are back to soothe the savage beast. Dracula’s opener “Fever Dreams” floats on through vocalist Aaron Chapman’s versatile falsetto and a Panda Bear-inflected slow-motion dream pop vibe. It may be difficult to believe that such a sound is only constructed by a trio, but it’s true. Keyboardist John Bowers and percussionist James Mitchell keep the songs aloft with subtle and intriguing touches. The effervescent electronics to closing “Eternal Thrills,” the hooky bass line to “Trying To Reach You,” the vaguely tropical rhythms in “Dancing Grass.”

The Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear comparisons are apt, if only because these guys are also aiming for a sonically ambitious and immaculately constructed sugar shock. Their musical palette has expanded greatly as well; the manifestation of these facets to their sound is wrapped up in a sharp and enticing pop aesthetic. The strum and hum of the vocals and the instruments may strike some as background music, but listen closer and you’ll find a well-defined pop record and a killer end-of-summer record.

Download Nurses – Fever Dreams MP3 HERE!

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