ALBUM REVIEW: “Digital Tension” by Picture Atlantic

July 03. 2012 | By Kat Engh

Picture Atlantic
Digital Tension

Maybe it’s just because the quartet hails from the unofficial genius capital of the world, Silicon Valley, but indie-rock quartet Picture Atlantic takes a near-scientific approach to their new album, Digital Tension as it carries a listener through the sea change of emotions that accompany us in a fast-paced digital age, where everything from our status updates to our purchasing decisions become factors in an algorithm. An exquisite mix of thrilling boppy synth highs and dark, heavy bass lows, this almost too appropriately Kickstarter-funded album captures the joys of an age of instant contact and gratification with the hangovers of media and information overload in the same effortless harmony with which we casually check our Facebook updates every hour. The progression just seems natural.

To see the band IRL (that’s Internet for “In Real Life,” of course), check out Picture Atlantic’s live chops on their west coast tour starting in Sacramento July 13, or at their San Francisco album release party at Bottom of the Hill July 14.

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