“Dark Place” by Jessie Baylin

April 07. 2015 | By Jamie Lynn

jessie baylin dark places

Jessie Baylin
Dark Place
[Blonde Rat]

It’s been a bit since Jessie Baylin‘s excellent Little Spark in 2012, but that’s alright, as she has had more important things to pay attention to. All of those things stem from one name in the album dedication: Violet. Her daughter with husband Nathan Followill (he of Kings of Leon drummer fame) has even changed how she approaches her music.

“I guess I just want to make her proud now,” Baylin stated in a Huffington Post interview. “I don’t really care about anyone else at this point. It’s like… it’s made me take everything more seriously, honestly, in a good way, in that I’m enjoying it more. And that it’s supposed to be fun and joyful and not stressful in any way. And that’s sort of like what I want to give to her. This is like mommy’s happy place, you know. Even though it sometimes sounds… the songs can be a little intense. But it’s more like really happy. Maybe when she’s 14 and angsty, she can relate to this.”

Working with Richard Swift, Baylin’s longtime co-writer and producer for this record, it’s obvious the collaboration shines in this dreamy pop music with keen lyrics describing life as we know it. We here in the Nest are excited to see what is on the horizon for this artist – selfishly, hoping it’s not another three years.

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