ALBUM REVIEW: “Continuity Girl” by Modern Time Machines

May 21. 2012 | By Jamie Lynn

Modern Time Machines
Continuity Girl

Everywhere you go, you will hear this LA band compared (both fairly and not) to Smashing Pumpkins, Silversun Pickups, and Sonic Youth. The labels lo-fi, shoegaze, and space rock are bandied about with an eagerness only fans of “fuzzed out dissonance” can muster. With that being said, Modern Time Machines knows what they are doing and that is not being a copycat of bands that have come before.

Ben Golomb (vocals, guitar), Dean Estrella (drums), Satu Makeda (vocals, keys, guitar), and Joshua Daudert (bass) make up Modern Time Machines and there is no arm chair lever or giant fan on this machine. They layer their instruments — guitars and violins (Chanda Dancy guests!), eschewing synths for an organic sound that seemingly explodes and retreats simultaneously. “Rocketship” opens with guitar riff that sucks you in and keeps you for the wild ride. “Now A Major Motion Picture” swoops and swells in epic melody, those boy/girl vocals rolling out in a distinctive to and fro, punctuated with a mad dash of guitar screaming. “Mammoth” is the template of what gazy space pop/rock should be. This is their debut, self-published album — and the only question it leaves is: what’s next?

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