"Bigfoot" by Cayucas

April 30. 2013 | By Wayne Jessup


[Secretly Canadian]

The classic stretch of Highway One that runs from Monterey down through Big Sur, levels out to the headlands where Cayucas sits, trapped in amber, a quaint testimony to the pre mall-encroachment days of California. Cayucas, the band, has crafted a seamless, concise debut album Bigfoot. With its references to postcards and letters, and lots of riding of bikes, it’s a sepia-toned snapshot of a different time.

“Cayucos,” lead single and geography lesson, (“…Past Morro Bay”), was the introduction to the particular talents of Zach Yudin and company, and as a whimsical calling card, it did the trick. Second single “High School Lover” picks up the pace with a predatory bass line, and the rest of the album adheres to a very specific vision. You can smell the smoke from beach fires. “A Summer Thing” is the most overt nod to the Beach Boys, and the arrangement is the high point of the record. Newest single “East Coast Lover” captures a bittersweet tone and reinforces the vision of the record as a snow globe instead filled with sand. After a short jaunt in Europe, you can catch them

live stateside this summer.

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