ALBUM REVIEW: “All Of Us, Together” by Teen Daze

May 22. 2012 | By Carnie

Teen Daze
All of Us, Together

Rib shattering house beats and delicate soundscapes collide on Teen Daze’s first full length album, All of Us, Together. Last year’s EP, A Silent Planet, left us filled with a sense of wonder and vitality. We thought that Jamison, AKA, Teen Daze, had pulled off a lo-fi electronic coup.

But, outside of the terrific production value, All of Us, Together isn’t really cinematic like the Alps or organic like Small Black. Everything feels flat. We zoned out completely during a few songs which would have been completely acceptable if we were concentrating on a difficult, mind crushing task requiring some background noise. But, we wanted to be immersed in Teen Daze’s dark imagination and musical versatility. For instance, “Erbstuck” and “The New Balearic” sound generic, almost predictable. With a rapid succession of beats giving way to slow-cooked crescendos, we were left with a metallic, unfulfilled feeling in our belly.

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