ALBUM REVIEW: “System Preferences” by Earlimart

October 16. 2012 | By Amanda Sorvig

System Preferences
[The Ship]

Like the score from an indie romance movie, Earlimart’s new album System Preferences, sweeps you up and pulls you through life’s highs and lows. It brings about awkward college love and earnest emotion. Some of the tracks are winsome, like the opener, “U&Me.” It’s a perfect mix of tinkling piano and bright guitar. Others are sweet, like “Lovely Mary Ann,” which reminds us of an old doo-wop song with a twist. The synthesizer sandwiched in between the tick-tock piano is an extra treat. And we couldn’t help but love “Get Used to the Sound,” full of sparkly female vocals. System Preferences conjures up images of the movie Garden State, or (500) Days of Summer. It’s a great compilation of highs and lows, male and female vocals, old and new sounds. Earlimart has put together a perfect soundtrack to the next indie love story.

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