ALBUM REVIEW: “On A Bedroom Wall” by Still Flyin’

May 21. 2012 | By Sarah Braverman

Still Flyin’
On A Bedroom Wall
[Ernest Jenning]

Hammjamm. This is the word members of Still Flyin’ use to define their sound and perspective on life; it is defined as “when a good time gets better,” and involves “friends, beers, high fives, parties, and enjoying life to the fullest.” On A Bedroom Wall reinforces this hammjamm lifestyle by supplying toe tapping beats and lofty lyrics. You need to supply your own Ray-Bans to rock and a hairbrush to sing into, but we are more than happy to bop along to the music with you. We will also gladly accept that ride around town in your convertible with the top down low and the music cranked up high you were just about to offer us…

Still Flyin’ is a collective band currently comprised of 13 members. However, that number fluctuates frequently, and it often increases during live shows. The band has been on the map since 2004 when front man Sean Rawls moved to San Francisco with hopes of cultivating this project. On A Bedroom Wall is the collective’s second release.

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