“My Name Is You” by My Name Is You

December 12. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

My Name Is You
My Name Is You

It’s too bad words are the only way to produce an album review because there aren’t words to describe this album. Trying to put the feeling I have while listening to this album into words is impossible and I mean that in the very best way imaginable.

The tracks are as touching as Michael Cera and Ellen Page’s rendition of “Anyone Else But You” for Juno, but light-years ahead of them in chemistry. I don’t know if this male/female duo is madly in love or BFF’s or just perfectly click musically, but the way they clearly complement each other gives me the chills. Their vocals are surrounded by subtle melodies, tender guitar contributions, and a myriad of other instruments that delicately support the beautiful aura of this effort.

The expert musicianship on this EP is captivating and infectious. Buy a couple of copies to avoid having to loan out the one that’s always in your player.

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