ALBUM REVIEW: “Actor-Caster” by Generationals

April 01. 2011 | By Tania

[Park The Van]

Generationals‘ latest album combines the best sounds of britpop with powerful riffs that will just make you want to get up and dance.

One of the strongest tracks on the album is “Ten-Twenty Ten.” If you can hear this track and keep your feet from tapping, you have a problem. Lyrics like “you remind me of a distant constellation” provide this “fun” album an additional depth that few bands can achieve. Another stellar track that turns things down a bit is “Yours Forever,” a casual love song with a bit of an electric feeling. Consider it the centerpiece of your next mixtape for a lover. “Dirty Mister Dirty” brings a little bit of true rock to this fun album. The track also brings a pseudo falsetto that’s fun for all. One of the more diverse tracks on the album is “Greenleaf” – a track that starts with some sweet piano keys and ends with the same tune.

The album is much recommended for any fan of “fun” music bands or anyone looking for something a little bit deeper than your average indie album. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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