ALBUM REVIEW: “A Pattern Language” by Pursesnatchers

July 15. 2011 | By Jennifer Shields

A Pattern Language
[Uninhabitable Mansions]

Contrary to what the band name implies, Brooklyn-based Pursesnatchers lack hostility and desperation on A Pattern Language, and instead seem rather calm and sunny.

Their lo-fi sound has some pretty good energy (do I dare even say, it’s a bit dancey?). While the band is bracing themselves for Yo La Tengo comparisons with the release of this album, I think Stellastarr* (also from New York) circa 2003 would be most accurate. I also hear hints of The Pixies and Interpol. This album would fit nicely into any 80’s movie starring the Brat Pack (surf on over to Wikipedia youngsters).

The 10 tracks are mostly made up of upbeat ballads that showcase the beautiful vocal blending of Doug Marvin and Annie Hart, and are heartily backed by articulated guitar inflections. “Baseball On The Radio” adds a little spice in style to the album while conjuring up familiarity in the lyrics; “Whenever you’re home, it’s like baseball on the radio in the evening or a summer afternoon.”

This album is the perfect backdrop for waking up in the morning and transitioning into your busy day or from your busy day into evening.

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