PICTURE THIS: ZZ Ward + Black Pistol Fire + Billy Raffoul @ Ace of Spades, Sacramento 3/6/2018

March 13. 2018 | By Matt Dillon

ZZ HitZZ Ward

Billy RaffoulBilly RaffoulBilly Raffoul

Billy Raffoul serenaded a captivated crowd with his, raspy soulful voice.
Black Pistol Fire
 Black Pistol FireBlack Pistol FireBlack Pistol FireBlack Pistol Fire
Black Pistol Fire
The night just got better from there as blues rock duo Black Pistol Fire completely slaughtered us as front man Kevin McKeown used about every inch of the stage as his own personal gymnasium while shredding on his guitar.
Finally the moment the crowd had been waiting for, as Zsuzsanna better known as ZZ hit the stage, there was a definite buzz about the crowd. Her voice, raw and distinct, sounded just as it does on her records. Everyone’s eyes were glued to that stage as she seamlessly moving from her songs with hip hop influences to ones rooted in deep southern blues and every time she picked up that harmonica the crowd went berserk as she transformed a storm of warm air into foot stomping wails that could bring you to your knees.

ZZ HitZZ HitZZ HitZZ Hit

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