PICTURE THIS: Third Man Records Presents, Audio Social Dissent @ The Independent 3/7/16

March 09. 2016 | By Tudor Stanley

Third Man Records have packaged a tour of some of their best acts and called it Audio Social Dissent. On the website Third Man Records co-founder Ben Swank is quoted as saying the tour was put together “…for the mission of shaking people of out of passively viewing bands in fields (hereby known as the ‘Festival Gaze’) and instead participating and having their heads ripped off…” Local band The World, punk rockers VIDEO, rocking Timmy’s Organism and avant-garde noise wizards Wolf Eyes all delivered on that mission.

WolfEyes_indy_SF 03-07-2016_04WolfEyes_indy_SF 03-07-2016_05WolfEyes_indy_SF 03-07-2016_03WolfEyes_indy_SF 03-07-2016_02WolfEyes_indy_SF 03-07-2016_01Wolf Eyes

Video_indy_SF 03-07-2016_04Video_indy_SF 03-07-2016_01Video_indy_SF 03-07-2016_10Video_indy_SF 03-07-2016_09Video_indy_SF 03-07-2016_08Video

TimmysOrganism_indy_SF 03-07-2016_07TimmysOrganism_indy_SF 03-07-2016_03TimmysOrganism_indy_SF 03-07-2016_02TimmysOrganism_indy_SF 03-07-2016_08Timmy’s Organism

TheWorld_indy_SF 03-07-2016_03TheWorld_indy_SF 03-07-2016_07TheWorld_indy_SF 03-07-2016_06TheWorld_indy_SF 03-07-2016_05The World

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