PICTURE THIS: SSMF 2011, Hollywood 8/20/11

August 22. 2011 | By Frank Starke

If you think rock ‘n’ roll is dead, you probably didn’t attend the fourth annual Sunset Strip Music Festival aka SSFM 2011. Once a year the 1.6 mile stretch that gave birth to bands such as The Doors, Van Halen, Guns & Roses and this year’s honoree Mötley Crüe is shut down as Los Angelenos celebrate The Strips legacy in rock history. Along with the expected heavy metal bands this year’s line-up included Matt & Kim and San Francisco duo The Limousines. There must have been a large supply of fairy blood near by because the warm SoCal afternoon didn’t seem to scare away those who normally would only roam the Sunset Strip at night. (Yes, I did just drop a True Blood reference.)

Jordan Cook

Love And A .38


Matt & Kim

Public Enemy

She Wants Revenge

The Limousines

Hollywood’s Finest Freaks, Geeks, and the Occasional Hottie

Click HERE for more blood-sucking bad-ass photos of SSMF 2011!

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