PICTURE THIS: Grizzly Fest @ Fresno, CA

May 05. 2017 | By Tudor Stanley

E-40 04-29-2017_04Fresno’s Grizzly Fest continues to grow and find it’s identity.

E-40 04-29-2017_06

Held for the third time at Chukchasi Park this year’s lineup included some impressive acts such as Lupe Fiasco, Dr. Dog, E-40, Thee Commons and still giving stage time for local favorites 40 Watt Hype, Fashawn and White Glove Service. While at times it seemed the crowd was more interested in the hip-hop acts and partying it’s still a promising sign that Fresno will have a well respected music festival of it’s own.

WhiteGloveService 04-29-2017_05WhiteGloveService 04-29-2017_04WhiteGloveService 04-29-2017_03WhiteGloveService 04-29-2017_02White Glove Service

Thee Commons 04-29-2017_11Thee Commons 04-29-2017_10Thee Commons 04-29-2017_09Thee Commons 04-29-2017_07Thee Commons 04-29-2017_05Thee Commons 04-29-2017_01Thee Commons 04-29-2017_06Thee Commons 04-29-2017_04Thee Commons 04-29-2017_02Thee Commons

RayYung 04-29-2017_01Ray Yung

40WattHype_GrizzlyFest 04-29-2017_0440WattHype_GrizzlyFest 04-29-2017_0340WattHype_GrizzlyFest 04-29-2017_0640WattHype_GrizzlyFest 04-29-2017_0540WattHype_GrizzlyFest 04-29-2017_0140 Watt Hype

LupeFiasco 04-29-2017_01LupeFiasco 04-29-2017_02Lupe Fiasco

Fashawn 04-29-2017_02Fashawn 04-29-2017_01Fashawn

Dr.Dog 04-29-2017_02Dr.Dog 04-29-2017_06Dr.Dog 04-29-2017_05Dr.Dog 04-29-2017_04Dr.Dog 04-29-2017_01Dr.Dog

E-40 04-29-2017_05E-40 04-29-2017_03E-40 04-29-2017_02E-40 04-29-2017_01E-40

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