PICTURE THIS: LIVE 105’s BFD 2012 @ Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View 6/2/12

June 11. 2012 | By Mike

BFD'12 - main stage -7290

Garbage: Shirley Manson paced the stage like a panther in a cage, albeit a very sexy one. We’re more of a dress and hair-down kind of guys, but she still looked and sounded great. The boys held their own. Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Eric Avery were very animated with their guitars. We found it very interesting that the original bassist for Jane’s Addiction now plays for Garbage. We’re sure it must have made for some nice chats backstage.

BFD'12 - Garbage -7391

BFD'12 - Garbage -7373

BFD'12 - Garbage -7296

The Stone Foxes: Despite the local stage’s wiring cluster fuck and massive delays (that didn’t get them on stage until Cake was already playing on main stage…) the lads cranked out a rockin’ set. A good-sized gathering of hardcore faithfuls were treated to an eight-song set of classics with a few new ones from their upcoming album, due out this summer.

BFD'12 - The Stone Foxes -7271

BFD'12 - The Stone Foxes -7259

BFD'12 - The Stone Foxes -7250

Silversun Pickups: Brian was very excited to be back for their 3rd BFD appearance. At one point he was pushing Nikki around trying (unsuccessfully) to mess her up while she was laying down intricate bass lines.

BFD'12 - Silversun  -7461

BFD'12 - Silversun  -7406

BFD'12 - Silversun  -7418

Jane’s Addiction: They opened with “Underground” and the gals swinging high above the stage with long white dresses trailing beneath. Perry seemed to dance around doing a little jig for just about every song. Dave was the consummate rock star in leather pants, shirtless. We couldn’t help but recall all the things he said on Rock Star Supernova to the contestants — he certainly walked the walk. To “Ted, Just Admit It” the scantily clad dancers performed an erotic dance with elastic bands that reminded us of playing cat’s cradle with string. On the encore of “Jane Says” we finally got to see Perkins out from behind his kit and up front with his calypso steel drum.

BFD'12 - Jane's -7561

BFD'12 - Jane's -7526

BFD'12 - Jane's -7552

BFD'12 - Jane's -7591

Pennywise: Classic punk rockers had the crowd jumpin’, and a few body surfing. We watched one kid get dumped over the barrier into the loving arms of security guys ten times. They ended their set with a bunch of friends on stage, singing along to the last song, as a kid played the guitar part.

BFD'12 - Pennywise -7066

BFD'12 - Pennywise -7037

Fun: The headliners of the festival stage certainly lived up to their name.

BFD'12 - Fun -7109

BFD'12 - Fun -7101

BFD'12 - Fun -7088

BFD'12 - Fun -7071

New Diplomat: Local lads brought their own sexy cheering squad, and a few giant branded beach balls to bounce in the crowd. Note to the band… pull your pants up, come on now.

BFD'12 - New Diplomat -7015

BFD'12 - New Diplomat -7008

BFD'12 - New Diplomat -7001

BFD'12 - Silversun  -7468

BFD'12 - New Diplomat -7014

BFD'12 - New Diplomat -7006-2

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